Android 10 Features

Breaking the 10-year monotony of naming its OS versions over desserts, Android has released a fresh update & officially named it as Android 10. Android 10 also comes with a refreshed logo with the android robot sitting on top.

In a recent interview, Sameer Samat, VP of Product Management, Android, said "First, we're changing the way we name our releases. Our engineering team has always used internal code names for each version, based on tasty treats, or desserts, in alphabetical order," 

"While there were many tempting 'Q' desserts out there, we think that at version 10 and 2.5 billion active devices, it was time to make this change,"

"As a global operating system, it's important that these names are clear and relatable for everyone in the world. So, this next release of Android will simply use the version number and be called Android 10"

While its official now... let's get familiar with few fresh features Android 10 packs :

1-Live Caption: The feature will live-caption any video that's being played, without a data connection. 

2-Bubbles: Bubbles work just like  Facebook Chat Heads, with a circular notification floating above whatever is on your screen. You can leave a call & the callers pic will float on the home screen in a circular icon. You have the access to End the call, Hide the call without having to switch to the call screen.

3-Wi-Fi and QR codes: Android 10 has a new feature that lets you create a QR code for your Wi-Fi network or scan a QR code to join a Wi-Fi network, directly in the device's Wi-Fi settings.

4-Undo app removal: With Android 10, you have a few seconds after an app has been removed to undo the change. You'll find the undo button along the bottom of the screen. Press it and bam, the app is back where it belongs.

5-Location control: With Android 10, you will gain the option of letting the app access your location information only while you're actively using the app. Not only is this a privacy matter, but it's sure to help save on battery life.

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