Email Marketing Strategies

When it comes to Email Marketing, it's all about measuring the response rate. But how do you measure the response rate or for that matter, How do you understand how your strategy is performing?
When the marketers talk about email marketing the first thing they consider is the metrics i.e, the industry they are into, the customers they want to target & the email platform they would be using for the strategy.

Let us peek into a few basic Email marketing essentials that could help you make your Email Marketing grand!!

1.    Personalize your messages:
Personalization means that you use customer data to create a personalized message.  A great example of a company that does personalization well is Amazon.  All of Amazon’s emails are personalized.  It’s not “Dear valued customer”, but “Dear Steven”.  It’s not, “You might like these… (randomly generated)”, but “You might like these (based on buyer history)”.  To Amazon, email marketing is not just another marketing channel. It’s key to the overall customer experience. 70% of brands do not use personalization within their email marketing strategy.
This means that by personalizing your emails, you stand out against the competition.
The simplest form of personalization is to address the reader by name. Most email service providers (ESP) offer this within their functionality and this tactic alone will improve your campaign performance.
For example, email subject lines that are personalized with a recipient’s first name can increase open rates by 16% higher open rates.

2.    Segment your subscribers:
According to email marketers, segmentation is second on the top initiatives list this year. How can you expect to get the best turn out for your event? The answer is segmentation. The best way to get small business owners to turn up to your event would be to create a segment of people who list themselves as a small business owner that lives within 20 miles of your event and then send them an invite by email. The segmentation part is simple and can easily be done through CRM software. Compare this to sending one email to your entire database, with subscribers spread across the country (or continent). How annoying is it to receive an email that invites you to an event that is located on the other side of the world? It’s very annoying!
So it's highly advisable to segment your email target base to improve response rate drastically.

3. Send mobile-friendly emails:
A study by Flexmail found that 36% of B2B companies that have optimized their email campaigns for mobile devices saw an overall improvement to their email performance.    When email campaigns are optimized for mobile, they generate a lot of revenue!
In 2012, 27% of all marketing emails were opened on a mobile device.  By 2014, that number jumped up to 42%.  Now, it’s as high as 61%!
This indicates an upward moving trend & its always going to increase as most of us are bound to technologies around us. We go to bed & wake up in the morning & the first thing we do is check our phones for calls, messages & emails!!
-Implement responsive email design (RED): Creating a responsive email design means that the user experience is optimized regardless of the device or screen they use.
-Keep the subject line and pre-header short: The subject line is crucial. Keep it short so the reader knows exactly what the email topic is about.
-CTA - Make the call to action, big, bold and simple to click.

4.    Automate email campaigns when possible:
Trigger-based emails are emails that are sent out automatically based on user behavior. The most common forms of trigger emails are ‘welcome’ emails, ‘thank you’ emails and ‘transactional’ emails, such as order confirmation email and email receipts. Forrester research found that trigger-based email marketing campaigns can generate 4x more revenue and 18x greater profits!
Today, only 25% of marketers currently use triggered emails and they make up a low percentage of overall email volume, at around 2.6%. However, they can be responsible for as much as 20% of your email marketing revenue!

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