Franklin Templeton as an investor associated with India from over two decades. They happen to be part of group's major thrust over investments they carried out in markets around the globe, their India office was set up in 1996 as Templeton Asset Management India Pvt. Limited. It flagged off the mutual fund business with the launch of Templeton India Growth Fund in September 1996, and since then the business has grown at a steady pace.Mutual Fund Leaders Franklin Templeton wanted to educate the consumers about ELSS in a fun way. We delivered #AskWhatELSS – Digital Video campaign along with an informative microsite and banner ads.


- FT sees the highest conversion rate for ELSS segment ever in their history.

- The buzzing video campaign got an clear interpretable outcome.

- FT could enhance maximum scalability with intake of a microsite

- Banner Advertisement siezed maximum seeker at one go.

Franklin Templeton was thereby made a listing succuess.