MuscleBlaze happening to be one of the most fast growing health nutrition brand in India. Their products comparising protien Shakes, Protein Bars, BCAA, Creatine, Glutamine ...etc not only proves to be capable enough to meet the bodybuilding requirements but also provides a wide range of products varying as per the requirement of the indivisual. TNS as acronymed Tum Nahin Samjhoge was a landing page campaign where users meant to register through social media and participate in contest. Our strategy to run the campaign via digital platform mainly intended,


  •     Development thereby ensuring brand positioning.
  •     Planned sitemap and user flows for distinct target audiences.
  •     Created strategies and designs for desktop and mobile platforms.


- More then 1,34,000+ user register
- Achieved more than 40 Lakh pageviews with-in 3 months
- 12 Lakh unique visitor in 3 months
- 7,000+ user participated in campaign & uploaded their respective profiles
- Muscleblaze sales increased by 25%