Technology today subverts by-gone physical interactions as simulated & interpretable one over images, videos, voices that Augments the Reality.

Real-Life comming into Reality

Over a great period of time right from the basic evolution a super-sized computer to these smart hand-held devices, technology has seen the greatest changes of all time when it happend to be coming as of whole with robust networks as internet and the breath-taking softwares. One such big-boom change has already & will ever always be dominating the forth-coming generatations, is Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality exibhits,


  • Augmented Reality provides a fascinating way of user-intraction.
  • It ensure the best-effort granularity of the content simulated over it.
  • The binding of the physical world to the easy handling is with-holded.


Be it the super-computer, a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone, the software and the hardware paradigms running on these ever enhancing maschine are all subjectable & managable when once used with Augmented Reality.